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Tarot Wisdom: Death (Major Arcana)
The most widely misunderstood card in a Tarot Deck. The Death card reminds us not of destruction, but of rebirth. We are called to remember the Rising of the Phoenix Bird, which arose of its own ashes to begin anew. Often this card speaks of growth through struggle. When a butterfly is newly formed it has to struggle to build strength in its wings – otherwise it will never be able to fly and it will die. This card reminds us to embrace our struggles and use them as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks.

  • 1st Position:

    Restructure and renewal, often after a period of loss or challenge. Cycle of ending to new beginning, the full circle of a given situation. The process of leaving the past and building the future simultaneously.

  • 2nd Position:

    Feeling the need to break free from the past and move forward into the new & unknown without fear. Realization that change is upon you, and that past conditions are being removed.

  • 3rd Position:

    Fear and uncertainty about the future. Don't allow past hurts to keep you from blossoming again into the beautiful person you are. There is an immense opportunity for growth whether or not you perceive it at this time. Fear of loss, or repeating mistakes. Feeling "karma" or "bad luck" is upon you. Clinging to past pain keeps you stuck in a cycle of dissatisfaction. Can indicate depression or nostalgia, clinging to something that cannot be.

  • 4th Position:

    You must accept the "death" in this area of your life in order to achieve rebirth. Situations can not be corrected without this. If you do so you will be able to rise up out of the ashes like the Phoenix bird and begin again. What has been must be let go of, now is the time to exert yourself and work with the healing powers of transformation. We can't always control external conditions, but we grow by learning to control our reactions / responses to them.

  • 5th Position:

    Refusal to move forward only prolongs pain and frustration. There is no other option now but to put the past behind you and move forward. You must accept this "death" and move forward to new beginnings. This card heralds the promise of a new day. Rebirth and resurrection after challenge.

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