Free One Card Tarot Reading

This simple one card Tarot reading will help you to focus on what surrounds you at the present moment. The card chosen will present you with lessons and wisdom that will help you make the most of present opportunities.

Before drawing your card, clear your mind and focus on being an empty vessel ready to receive guidance. You can also focus on the question "What surrounds me right now that I need to be aware of?". When you set your intention, click and view the message the Tarot has for you today.

I hope you will enjoy this and the other free Tarot readings available here. Of course there is no real substitute for actual professional guidance and I'm always available for affordable professional Tarot readings

Not sure? Visit my about me page and the FAQ for more information about me and the readings offered here.

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Live Readings

Do you have several questions, or perhaps one area of your life that you really need to focus on? If so, live readings are a great way to look at complex situations in great detail. I offer 30 minute live readings for only $17.50 (via messenger), which provides enough time to cover 2-3 questions in-depth. You can also opt for longer sessions and save even more. A full 90 minutes is only $45. learn more