live Tarot readings with Christin

Live Readings with Christin

I absolutely adore doing live readings for my clients. These readings are so deeply personal and catered specifically to you. I work hard to ensure that every session is an experience you will find empowering and thought provoking. That doesn't mean I am going to tell you what I think you want to hear! I provide honest insight and I've been doing so for 25+ years. This is why I have a spotless Paypal business record.

Most clients appreciate the candor and honesty, because it is given with compassion and a sincere desire to help you on your path. I do not judge anyone and work to be wholly objective in my approach. Every human is just that - human. We are here to grow, learn and yes, screw up. It happens. Conversely, sometimes people just need some reassurance and validation that their own intuition is on target. Others don't want a Tarot reading at all and seek me out to help them develop their own intuition and reading skills. Whatever your motivations for seeking a live session - I'll work with you.

If you would like some insight into your life path, or if you have several areas of concern - a live reading is the best choice for you. I will do my best in advance to ensure you are ready for your session and that it will be the most productive time possible.

Live readings are available in 30, 60, and 90 minute time slots. Sometimes the sessions do run over a bit (no extra charge) but do book when you have plenty of time.

All sessions are done via Yahoo Messenger. This messenger allows me to save a full transcript for you that I will email to you afterwards. It's always good to be able to refer back to what we've talked about. Yahoo messenger has stood the test of time. It is free, reliable, and user friendly. I do not do phone readings. For more information on why I choose not to; you can view my FAQ section that addresses this.

Live Readings must be paid in advance before I can schedule a time for you. Please do not email me for available times in advance unless you are able to pay right away. I cannot hold spaces.

Prices are:

  • 90 Minutes: $45.00
  • 1 hour $30.00
  • 1/2 hour $17.50
  • Purchase a Live Reading...

Upon receipt of payment, I will contact you to book a time for your session. Live readings are typically booked within the same week. I try to keep my schedule as flexible as possible and will give you some choices for times.

Readings are non-refundable and may not be rebooked once confirmed (except emergencies), so please schedule at a convenient time where you will be free from interruptions. If you are late and someone is scheduled after you I will not go into the next hour so please be on time. Thanks! :) (Of course I understand there are sometimes unavoidable emergencies, this is understandable and in case of illness or unforseen issues I will make an exception to the rescheduling rule.)

Once your reading is booked, I will send you some information that explains my code of ethics, how to get the most from your session and what you can expect. Please carefully review this information. It will make the session more productive for both of us :).

To get the most out of your session - have clear, conscise questions or areas of concern to cover. This helps us cover the most territory :) If you like, you can send me a general idea of your questions/areas of concerns in advance to help better budget your time.

What About Different Time Zones?

I have clients all around the world and can work with any time zone. I have regular clients as far away as New Zealand, several European countries and even Hong Kong :). If you want a live session; we'll find a way to make it work!