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Free e-Book "Psychic Skills Exploration & Development

This book combines much of the information that was contained in my psychic development classes. I don't teach classes formally any longer, so I decided to make the information available for free. This book provides a comprehensive look at psychic abilities, what they are, how they work, and how to develop them through a variety of activities and exercises.

As this is another free resource I am providing I ask that all of you respect a few rules.

Please download only one copy to save on Bandwidth. The more copies downloaded the more I have to pay in server fees. If you don't want a copy on your PC, you can also view all of the content online as well HERE

Please feel free to share it with others, but Please do NOT alter the content, sell the book, or use it as an incentive to get other people to buy your products/services etc.

Other than that, I'm pretty flexible ;).

So, if you agree to these simple terms you can begin your download below. This file has been recently updated and is now in .pdf format. You will need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your system to read it. This is available for free also. Download it to your computer and save it on your own harddrive. keep track of what folder you save it to, then click it and it opens itself.

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