Relationship Tarot Reading

image of my original relationship Tarot spread layout

This spread will show the dynamics of any relationship between 2 people from business to romance. This spread is designed to show how the two personalities mix, how they complement each other, and how the challenge one another. If there is a misunderstanding this spread is good at getting to the heart of the matter by showing the perspective of each individual. Use this spread or a variation of it for insight into a challenging relationship, a misunderstanding, or to see if two personalities are readily compatible or what steps can be taken to better communications and understanding within the relationship.

For this spread I will need the first name only of the other person and the type of relationship it is

Position 1:

How you see yourself

Position 2:

How you see the other person

Position 3:

How you feel toward the other person and the relationship

Position 4:

How the other person sees him/herself

Position 5:

How the person sees the querrent

Position 6:

Insight into the other persons feelings towards the querrent and the relationship

Positions 7 & 8:

Strengths & Challenges you bring to the relationship

Positions 9 & 10:

Strengths & Challenges the Other person brings to the relationship

Position 11:

Overall Compatibility: Explores based on the other cards your overall compatibility, problem solving, communications etc.

Position 12:

Summation: This card is an overview of all the other positions designed to pull the reading together and highlight courses of action and methods for improving or moving away from the relationship, whichever the case may be.

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