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Welcome! The decks featured here for sale are my personal favorites that I use regularly. I Offer them brand new for below retail prices - even after shipping! Order 3 or more and get free shipping!

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Christin's Tarot Shop

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Universal Waite Tarot Deck: $15.25

The serene Universal Waite Tarot is perfect for meditation and readings. The deck is a soothing, eye -appealing complement to the traditionall Rider-Waite deck. The drawings of Pamela Colman Smith have been beautifully re-colored by Mary Hanson Roberts. This decks images are featured on the free reading pages.

Price: $15.25 shipping: $2.85 ea.

Shaman Wisdom Tarot Deck: $15.25

Shaman Wisdom Cards By Leita Richesson. Inspired by North American Indian tradition, legend, life, lore, and religion. Readers may use the 65 cards in this deck to develop their own medicine and power on the journey through the physical and emotional worlds. I love to use this deck for daily meditations, and also for the spiritual path spread.

Price: $15.25 shipping: $2.85 ea.

Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg $16.25

Russian folk tales and historical legends are framed within an oval, reminiscent of the Imperial Faberge Easter Eggs. Shakov's miniature paintings were done to exact size, often requiring the use of a paintbrush with a single hair. This deck is exquisite in detail and beauty. Probably the most beautiful deck I own.

Price: $16.25 shipping: $2.85 ea.

Tarot of a Moon Garden $15.25

By Karen Marie Sweikhardt. An imaginative deck that weaves traditional tarot symbolism, mythic expression, elemental magic, and reflective phases of lunar energy into a tapestried focus for seer and seeker alike. Light-hearted and sparks my creativity, I love the fairytale feel of it.

Price: $15.25 shipping: $2.85 ea.

Haindl Tarot $15.25

By Hermann Haindl. Haindl draws upon his knowledge of ancient cultures and his experience living with Native Americans to create a deck that is a colorful and penetrating study in humility and reverance for nature. A very hauntingly beautiful and complex deck, I use this one for deeply spiritual readings and personal reflection.

Price: $15.25 shipping: $2.85 ea.

*New* Golden Tarot Deck & Companion Book $19.95

While the deck pays tribute to artwork of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance, it celebrates the exploration of tarot and its artistic heritage. Kat Black's interpretation is both welcoming and modern while remaining true to the original traditions of Rider-Waite(R). Includes 198-page book (23.4" x 43.4") Truly beautiful, every card is stunning.

Price: $19.99 shipping: $3.95 ea.

*New*Create Your Own Tarot Deck $5.95

Make your own tarot, playing card, or original game deck with a set of 80 round-cornered blank cards with tarotee backs. Also perfect for creating flash cards, educational cards, recipe cards, and many other projects.

Price: $5.95 shipping: $2.85 ea.

*New*Goddess Tarot Deck $15.25

The Goddess Tarot celebrates the power and beauty of women everywhere. Honoring the many Godesses throughout history with rich symbolism. These cards are beautiful and add more of a feminine aspect to the cards missing in other decks.

Price: $15.25 shipping: $3.85 ea.
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